Friday, June 30, 2006


A Woman was nearly killed by Simcox’s guys in 3 points AZ 10/5/05…Against better judgement and Border Patrols advice they lit up groups of aliens with flash lights to count heads but at the same time scattering them into the desert seperating some from the group out in no mans land. I called his office, his cell phone, his wifes house and reported his crew was doing light up’s (against Border Patrols advice) and he should shut down the line and go no search and rescue asap, because somone could be lost and dying. They refused to heed the warning and the next night they did the light up routine again…I called Simcox again and nothing, So MMofOne had to do a search and rescue alone. On 10/7/05 MM01 found a woman passed out and nearly dead. He GPS’d the spot and the ambulance guys saved her life, but they said most likely she will have permanent kidney damage. MM01 rebuked the so called mcdc leadership at the 3 points VFW. Still they still havent gone out to look for bodies and refuse to accept responsibility. The Border Patrol and VFW are beyond angry with mcdc & Simcox and have banned them from using the VFW for staging their activities. Also MCDC/Simcox was pre warned months in advance to not do light ups. MM01's advice is to resign MCDC asap and join one of the other immigration reform groups.
MCDC/Chris Simcox's for profit Minuteman corporation called our pictures phony and said we are liars so soon we'll be posting video confirmations from the firemen, ambulance paramedics and border patrol to show you we are telling the truth and MinutemanHQ are the liars.The womans husband and mother said the spot lights seperated them from the group to the rescuers. If you go to comments you'll find a phone number to the three points fire dept and info to confirm our story is true.
Read the coments as it turns out the vitriolic blather belongs to none other than MinutemanHQ's director of AZ state operations. Stacy O'Connel. If your a member or MinutemanHQ this guys coments one day will be directed at you, remember that. Have a nice day. O'Connel now calls himself the Arizona Minutemen.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

AMW & Tohono Odham Indains special ops (shadow wolves)

We would like to hear back from AMW regarding the girl we found murdered. We gave you (AMW) the Tohono Odham police phone numbers and you made this great segment out of it. Please let us know if you found her parents or murderers....

Saturday, June 24, 2006


On Friday June 24 ,2006 Max New write story saying Mcdc Chris Simcox has 1500 men on border building fences,All of this is not true ,On opening day of fence they had more media than fence builders.Was report some poor sole borrow $120.000 against his home and donated it to MCDC.He sure was a sucker ,Scammed big time.One needs to checked in to see who gets the $$$$$$$.Max New needs to get the facts before they print their story.All the 20 foot poles was just for show ,.go and see the real fence,,5ft tall with 5 strans barb wire.thats all.BEWARE,,,

Friday, June 23, 2006

Roger Barnett beats 18 million dollar suit against him by communists!

The socialist communist pigs on the left backed by Mexico sued Roger and lost! It is mind blowing that American courtrooms have been taken over by globalists pigs representing foreign nationals AGAINST AMERICANS....AMERICANS ARE GETTING F@&*&%!!! (BACKSTORY)

The Sasabe Mexican border?

The Mexican buildings are in America, in some cases the border goes through some Mexican houses. What do you think we should do? The Mexicans have a check point that searches Americans in our own country? Notice the Prison compounds next to the the US and Mexican check points (they have a trail that links them)...Hmm...the Mexicans are imprisoning Americans in America....?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Can't fool all the people all the time Simcox

The most recent fence scam by MCDC, they also have been using the "Minutemen Project" on their letter head to get donations. Simcox also diverted donation funds from Hurricane Katrina with a bogus press release. Minutemen deploy to border because of Border Patrol relocated to the disaster...DONATE NOW.... Simcox is a flim flam shyster man...he'll end up in jail or worse...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Paul Revere ride = Violent IA's in LA

The IA's are getting violent!

Social comment of the day!

Monday, June 12, 2006

FIRST MM01 POST! Girl found July 4, 2005

Secure borders would have saved this poor girls life , PRESIDENT BUSH!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Online Video data bases popping up like weeds!

When you want to search for video on the illegal alien problem in America go to....
MSN is a treasure trove of videos. Yahoo has a good Minuteman data base. America online is in the game now, Google is my favorite. You tube is fast. In the past month the hosts have been so overwhelmed with video content that in their greed for personal information, the internet companys stopped screening the videos for aproval and copyright laws are only obeyed when somone complains. Sound familiar?